HDMI M to DVI F Adapter Black

HDMI M to DVI F Adapter Black

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HDMI M to DVI F Adapter Black



Key Features

  • DVI Female to HDMI Male connector
  • Supports Video-Mirroring Extended Desktop modes with ZERO LOSS Full HD performance
  • Genuine Cablesson product Designed in United Kingdom
  • 24K gold-plated connectors
  • Supports HDMI version 1.3b with Full HD 1080p

HDMI and DVI are both digital video signals that can be used together. In some cases, equipment?s may have a DVI connection that needs to be converted to a HDMI type plug; this simple adaptor allows for this.

This adapter converts DVI Female to HDMI Male connector. A DVI to HDMI adapter is used to connect older home theatre equipment with DVI connectors to newer HDTV televisions and projectors which have HDMI connectors. With this Adapter you only need a DVI to DVI cable as you can plug it directly to your HDMI Socket

NOTE: This product passes video only.

Additional information

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