Mackuna Slim Flex HDMI Cable with Ethernet

Mackuna Slim Flex HDMI Cable with Ethernet

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Mackuna Slim Flex HDMI Cable with Ethernet

Key Features:

  • HDMI 1.4 / 2.0 compatible | Full Ultra HD 4k support – 2160p (4096 x 2160 pixels) – High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet channel for connecting Internet-enabled AV components with ARC (Audio Return Channel) – Compatible with all 3D Blu-Ray Player, Real 3D TV, AV receivers, Gaming consoles like PlayStation 3/4 (PS3/4), Xbox 360 / One and other HDMI Equipped devices.
  • High Speed HDMI Cable, enables resolutions far beyond 1080p, Cable is V1.4 / 2.0 and 3D compatible for all Major 3D video Formats.
  • Ultra-small profile compact design, thinner and more flexible than normal HDMI cables (32 AWG).
  • The Ivuna Series has been Designed in Oxford and our cables go through rigorous testing to make sure the highest quality cables are bought to you at the cheapest price possible, featuring 24K Gold Plated connectors, Multi-layer shielding, precision-fit connector for firm grip and dust cups. Product comes with 2 Year Warranty.
  • Length: 1m / 1 Metre Slim HDMI Cable



The Ivuna Slim Flex HDMI Cables are smaller and thinner than normal HDMI cables (32 AWG), but with absolutely no performance loss.
Constructed using the very latest high-end cable technology, we have designed a cable with a profile that is 50% smaller than the average HDMI cable.

An ultra-small HDMI connector shell saves bulk against the wall and super-shielded flexible cable technology maintains perfect signal integrity, even around tight bends.
It delivers uncompressed 1080p/120 Hz and 4K2K high definition video with up to 48-bit deep color , eight channels of 192/24 digital audio for ultimate 7.1 surround sound , and an integrated control channel; all in one cable.

This combination makes the Ivuna Slim Flex HDMI Cables the perfect HDMI cable for every installation. Compatible with all HDMI devices and 3D capable , the Ivuna Slim Flex Cables deliver high-end performance, specifically designed to complement the latest super thin TVs and devices in confined spaces or with restricted access to the HDMI ports.

The small form factor connecting housing and slimline cable construction is perfect for connecting to awkwardly placed devices in a rack or to displays mounted close to a wall.

HDMI 1.4 / 2.0 features – Ethernet Channel, Audio Return Channel, 3D over HDMI , up to Full HD 1920 x 1080 and 4K2K Resolution Supported and Expanded Support For Deep Color Spaces with Zero Data Loss in the signal.
We are so confident with our products that we are offering a 2 year warranty against any manufacturing defects. Cablesson HDMI cables are produced to provide pure digital signals without distortion or loss in signal. They are made with Mylar foil to provide the best insulation possible.

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Mackuna Slim Flex HDMI Cable with Ethernet


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