Cablesson VGA Male to VGA Male 15 Meter


Cablesson VGA Male to VGA Male 15 Meter


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Key Features

  • Male VGA to male VGA silver plated connectors
  • Supports RGB, HQ and analogue signals
  • Constructed with multiple layers of shielding; durable, black PVC outer layer; and corrosion-resistant
  • Cablesson warranty
  • Length: 1.5 to 20m available
van damme cables

The Cablesson Premium VGA cables have been designed with silver plated connectors to enhance the signal transmission. They are compatible with computers, laptops, Raspberry Pi, NAS servers, TVs and different monitors. The product features twin thumb screws designed to keep the connectors secure when in use.

We are so confident with our products that we are offering a 2 year warranty against any manufacturing defects. Cablesson VGA cables are produced to provide pure signals without distortion or loss in signal. They are made with high quality materials to provide the best insulation possible to prevent interference.


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