HDElity HDMI 3D Single Cat5/6 Matrix Receiver (Bi-Directional IR)

HDElity HDMI 3D Single Cat5/6 Matrix Receiver (Bi-Directional IR)

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Key Features

  • Extends the transmission range up to 50m (130ft) at full 1080p or 1920×1200 and 60m (200ft) at 1080i/720p
  • Supports all latest Audio formats such as Dolby True HD, DTS-master
  • 3D Compatible
  • Supports Bi-Directional IR pass-through up to 60 KHz
  • Supports VESA DDC and Hot-Plug Detect (HPD)
  • HDCP compatible
  • DVI 1.0 compliant, user will need to use DVI/HDMI adapter
  • Supports Deep Colour
  • Allows cascading
  • Local HDMI Output Port
  • Coaxial Audio Output Port
  • 16 X Embedded EDID Functions
  • 2-Step Equalization Control
hdmi v1.3 lan cable cat 5/6 deep color
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The HDElity HDMI Extender with BI Directional IR & ARC (Coax and SPDIF) with Local Out is capable of supporting very high bandwidth and therefore is able to handle all 7 x 3D formats including the most popular e.g., Frame Packing, Side-by-Side, Top-to-Bottom, etc. The extenders are designed to handle full 1080p up to 50m (130ft) and 1080i/720p up to (60m) 200ft. The HDElity HDMI Extender with BI Directional IR & ARC (Coax and SPDIF) with Local Out is based on the latest HDMI technology and therefore is capable of fully supporting HDCP 2.0, Deep Colour and DTS-HD or Dolby True-HD audio.

The HDElity HDMI Extender with BI Directional IR & ARC (Coax and SPDIF) with Local Out are also equipped with bi-directional IR pass-through, which allows users to control the sources from the remote location as well as sending IR signal from a control system to a remote location. Perfect for Control4, RTI, HAI or any other control system users or dealers may use. In addition, it includes two modules: transmitting module and receiving module, where the transmitter module converts HDMI with IR to Cat 5/6 (RJ45) and the receiver module converts it back to HDMI and IR. The receiver module is featured with 2-step equalization control, to allow users to adjust the equalization strength to the received HDMI signals accordingly, and therefore optimize the transmission distance between source and display.

HDCP stands for High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection, a copy protection scheme to eliminate the possibility of intercepting digital data midstream between the sources to the display. Products compatible with the HDCP scheme such as DVD players, satellite and cable HDTV set-top-boxes, as well as few entertainment PCs requires a secure connection to a compliant display. EDID stands for Extended Display Identification Data. The EDID with minimal resolution support will be the reference EDID for incoming HDMI sources. 16 x Embedded EDID functions and Learning EDID functions are available. Learning function allows user to trick the source to think that it is connected to the display rather than going through extenders. This advantage can fix a lot of EDID issues which may happen in complicated installations with different components involved. Integrated Coaxial Audio Port for Audio Return Channel (ARC), plus HDMI Out to a Local Display.

Note: Sender/Receiver, 2x Sets IR Cables included.

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    What I find so inetiestrng is you could never find this anywhere else.

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